Pro Advice on Choosing a Roof Replacement for Your Home

Due to occasional wear and tear brought about by harsh weather conditions affecting your roof, there would come a time that you would have to consider a replacement. There are a number of important factors you should look into. This may cover your home’s architectural style, budget, and other relevant factors.

Here the important considerations when choosing a roof:

Material & Slope

Your roof’s slope is a key aspect in picking a material. Asphalt shingles and metal can be used for low to steep sloped roofs. On the other hand, slate can only be used for steep sloped roofs. As for the materials, plastic polymer, clay, and concrete tilecan be used for moderate to steep sloped roofs.

Return on Investment

Although roof replacement may cost you, the recoup cost is fairly substantial. For a midrange roof replacement project in South Atlantic, it offers a 71.0% return. In Wilmington, Delaware, you can get as much as 94.7%. For an upscale roof replacement projectin the South Atlantic,you can recoup 67.0%. The figure is 79.0% in Wilmington, Delaware.


Having a warranty from your Delaware roofers is essential to ensure that you’re covered in case a problem with your roof arises. Two warranties are typically available: a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers material defects, and a contractor’s warranty, which covers improper installation. Make sure that you read the warranty coverage carefully to know the inclusions. There are warranties that are transferable, which can add value when you decide to sell your home. Moreover, other warranties are limited on your roofing material’s cost.

To get the most of your roof replacement, ask help from a professional such as Empire Construction. We offer top-of-the-line roofing products for different slope types to protect your home against the elements.

We can give advice and options considering your needs and preferences. For your roofing, vinyl siding in Delaware, and other home improvement needs, feel free to call us at (302) 360-8090.

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